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Learn to Remember

One of my favorite authors is a preacher by the name of Clovis Chappell. Clovis Chappel lived from 1882 until 1972. He was a Methodist in denomination and his writings are mostly in sermonic form. He preached a sermon entitled, “Learn to Remember!” In his opening statements Chappell writes, “What a marvelous power is memory! It is absolutley independent of space and time. It is far fleeter than the fastest airship.  It can bridge seas and continents as quickly as light. It is independent of space and time. A man may be 80 years of age and yet in a instant he can remember faces from his childhood.” Sadly, we as God’s people seem to have a very short memory. We seldom remember what God has done for us in the past. We almost never take the time to tell others about the provisions that God has made for us. Children seem to forget about the sacrifices made by parents and parents seem to more and more forget about their children. Pastors in many churches are almost always forgotten. Men can spend countless hours on their face praying for people in the church and yet in one moment everything can be forgotten. Preachers can get caught up in the getting part and never involve themselves in the giving. Let us as God’s people always strive to have a good memory!