Take time to Smell the Roses

Two Sunday nights ago we were blessed to have a visitor. I had never met this man but I quickly learned that he was an assistant pastor at the Continental Baptist near his home in Rogers Arkansas. His name was Bro. Boiling. He had 4 small children. I quickly learned that his dear wife had recently passed away from a flesh eating disease. I was heart broken to say the least. He was my age, and I could not bear the thoughts of having to endure such a tragic circumstance. On the following Tuesday, I went into my office to pick out a book to begin reading. I noticed my answering machine flashing; I pushed play. To my suprise, it was Bro. Boiling. He had left his Bible on the pew where he and his children were sitting. Like any preacher, I begin to search through his Bible to see what kind of sermons he might have. To my dismay, I found no sermons by Bro. Boiling, but I did find the greatest sermon on heaven I had ever heard or read. It was written by his son. It was a Mother’s Day card and, it read as follows: “Dear Mom, I love you, and I can’t wait to see you in Heaven. I have been doing well in ball and in school. In fact, I am already done with school this year. I love you. Love Joseph.” As you can imagine I wept when reading this letter. At the end of the letter this little boy wrote, “Heaven in for Real!” This letter has convicted my heart perhaps more than any other sermon I have read in recent days. It reminded me to take time and smell the roses! It reminded me to take every opportunity to spend time with those that I love. Life is Brief! We are here for only a moment. It also reminded me once again of the promise of heaven for the redeemed of God. Thank God for a place beyond the river! While we make our journey to our final destination, learn to live life to the fullest, and never take for granted the joy of having loved ones around you!

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